4 Steps to Create a Perfect Matrimony profile

First Impressions matter! We all know that, don’t we? Your matrimony profile is your first look! The prospective groom or bride will be drawn to you on the basis of your matrimony profile. Your matrimony profile is the mirror to your personality; it’s an extension of yourself. You will be perceived in a certain way directly in relation to your matrimony profile. Thus, finding a suitable life partner largely depends on your introduction that you make.

Creating a Matrimony Profile is not as difficult as it sounds. And here, in this write-up we have simplified the process in four east steps. You include the following four things in your matrimony profile and you are good to go. Read on and increase your prospects of finding your dream-partner!

Start Your Matrimony Profile with ‘About You’

You are the hero of your life. Your profile will be selected after knowing about you. Your prospective partner will be very much keen in receiving as much information about you as possible.  This section should comprise of your full name, your age, your height and weight, your educational qualification, your profession, names of your parents and siblings, their profession, your birthplace, mother tongue, religion, caste and sub-caste. You may even want to mention your birthplace or native place.
This section is a snapshot of the entire you!

State in Your Matrimony Profile Your Likes & Dislikes

This section of your matrimony profile will take the reader a little deeper into your personality. You may write about your hobbies here. You may mention the things your hate in general and the things that you love! Our likes and dislikes do shape our lives and it is better to state them in order to determine the level of compatibility with the prospective partner.

 Include in Your Matrimony Profile Your Outlook on Life

Your likes and dislikes and hobbies are the exterior stuff. What you need to showcase is your inner-self your belief system, your ideologies, your core principles – your general outlook on things. Similarities in outlook between you and your partner will take you a long way in leading a fulfilling married life. You may even add the partner preferences here – clearly indicating what kind of partner are you looking for, what traits would you like to see in a partner and what should his outlook in life be.

Add Selective Profile Pictures in Your Matrimony Profile

In this section of your matrimony profile, add recent photograph of yours. The pictures must be natural and taken in good light. Let the photographs reflect your personality. One front face profile picture is a must and so is one complete profile picture – head to toe. If you can add pictures clicked in a variety of dresses, that will be an added advantage. Avoid pictures taken in a studio or those with touch-ups. Natural photos will ensure that there is a genuine interest in you as a person and not in how you look.
Also ensure that the pictures are of good quality and high resolution, not blurry or grainy.

Following all these four steps will get you going.
It is crucial to stay honest and transparent while creating your matrimony profile. All the information provided by you should be correct. It is good to be honest right at the outset…this avoids disappointment in the long run. Leave self-praise aside and state everything as matter-of fact. More detailed the profile, the better.
While creating a matrimony profile, use correct grammar and syntax, keep it lucid- use easy words and easy to comprehend.
We wish you All the very best in taking this 1st step on your soulful journey. May you be blessed with the most ideal and loving partner.

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