They say Men are from Mars and Women from Venus! And how true that is! Men and women are wired differently. They have dissimilar expectations …

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Do Horoscopes Lead You to Your Soulmate?

“Astrology reveals the will of the gods.” — Juvenal Horoscope Matching in Indian Marriages plays a vital role; has been playing since ancient times. Horoscope …

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5 Questions to Ask Your Soulmate Before Deciding to Get Married

Getting married is a major life-altering decision. Its very imperative that we know the person we marry. In order to know a person deep down, …

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4 Reasons Why Should You Be Engaged Before Getting Married to Your Soulmate

Once a couple and the families decide to tie the knot, what first comes along is an engagement. It is a very important pitstop on …

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4 Steps to Create a Perfect Matrimony profile

First Impressions matter! We all know that, don’t we? Your matrimony profile is your first look! The prospective groom or bride will be drawn to …

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